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When was Ardelyx founded?
Ardelyx was founded in 2007
Where is Ardelyx incorporated?
Ardelyx was incorporated in the state of Delaware in October 2007 under the name Nteryx, and the name was changed to Ardelyx, Inc. in October 2008.
Where is Ardelyx' corporate headquarters?
400 Fifth Avenue, Suite 210
Waltham, MA 02451
Phone: 617.675.ARDX (2739)
What is Ardelyx' fiscal year-end?
December 31st
Who is Ardelyx' independent registered public accounting firm?
Ernst & Young LLP
275 Shoreline Drive, Suite 600
Redwood City, CA  94065
On which exchange is Ardelyx listed and what is the ticker symbol?
Ardelyx is traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol “ARDX”.
When did Ardelyx go public?
Ardelyx’s initial public offering (IPO) was on June 23, 2014.
How can I purchase shares?
Shares can be purchased through a stockbroker of your choice.
Does Ardelyx have a direct stock purchase plan?
Ardelyx does not offer a direct stock purchase plan.
Does Ardelyx pay dividends and have a dividend reinvestment program?
Currently, Ardelyx does not offer a dividend or a dividend reinvestment program.
What is Ardelyx' CUSIP number?
Who is Ardelyx' transfer agent and how do I contact them?
Ardelyx’ transfer agent is American Stock Transfer and Trust Company, LLC (AST).  You can find more information about how to contact AST at http://www.amstock.com/main/nav_contactUs.asp
How can I replace my lost stock certificates?
Please contact our transfer agent, American Stock Transfer, at http://www.amstock.com/main/nav_contactUs.asp.  American Stock Transfer can look up your records and make any necessary adjustments.  There is a fee involved for replacing lost certificates.
How do I report a change of mailing address?
If your shares are held in your name, you must contact our transfer agent, American Stock Transfer, http://www.amstock.com/main/nav_contactUs.asp.,  If your shares are held in street name, you must contact your broker to update your address. 
How can I get a copy of your Annual Report or any other Investor materials (i.e., Investor Relations kit, 10-k)?
Quarterly & Annual reports and other investor materials are available under “Financials & Filings” of the “Investors” section of our corporate website.  Additionally, all SEC filings can also be accessed directly from the SEC at www.sec.gov.
Who can I contact if I am a member of the media?
For media inquiries, please send an email media@ardelyx.com
How do I contact Investor Relations with a question or request?
Please email investor@ardelyx.com with any investor inquiries.
How can I sign up to receive Ardelyx' press releases and other company information?
Click on the Email Alerts button below to choose which types of alerts to receive. 
If I have questions regarding Ardelyx that have not been answered, whom should I contact?
Please email investor@ardelyx.com with any questions about the company.